August Baby…

Well, at 10:45 pm on July 31st it looks like we will officially have an August baby. Not a bad month to be born in if I do say so myself.

Sorry I’ve been quiet on here lately. I think there are two main reasons… first, I have a feeling any of you who get these updates via email saw the new post message and got all excited thinking it was a birth announcement 😉 I’ve been getting that a lot lately, pretty much any time I text or call someone it seems like!

Second, its kind of hard to articulate how we are feeling right now. It seems as if the universal emotion surrounding Shorebaby’s arrival is impatience, at least from her adoring fans 😉 But I think for both Brent and I there is an excited impatience mixed with some trepidation and uncertainty.  So, at least for me, this feels a bit like the calm before the storm. Don’t get me wrong, I love thunderstorms! What good Midwestern doesn’t?? And I’m sure it helps that pregnancy is still a great experience for me… not perhaps so much that I’d prefer this as a new ‘normal’. But spending 41 weeks pregnant instead of 40 is ok with me. We are content to wait until she’s ready or until our Dr. recommends eviction….er, induction. But trying to put that into words in a way that doesn’t make us sound like ungrateful or unfeeling first-time parents is hard, so I guess I’ve been putting it off.  Kept thinking she’d just be a day or so late and the next blog would be a birth announcement!! 🙂

So there ya go, a little bit of late pregnancy honest rambling. Tomorrow’s doctors appt will give us a better understanding of what this first week of August will hold.

And just for sticking with me this long, here’s a 40 week picture… taking exactly at 40 weeks before a dinner out to celebrate making it to such a major milestone!!


As always, we are asking God for a healthy baby and mom …. it seems likely that delivery will take place sometime this week and we covet your prayers. Looking forward to sharing the story with you soon!


3 responses to “August Baby…

  1. What a very exciting time! Do savor this time before baby…I totally get how you have mixed emotions. Now that I’m on the other side, I can tell you with assurance to savor the unique last few days. Praying now…can’t wait to hear about your sweet girl’s arrival!

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