A week…. really??






How has it been a week?? Insane… I had great intentions of posting updates often and keeping a sort of record of these first few days, but the reality is that sleep and feeding Cadence are about the only two things that seem to get done each day. Thank goodness for my wonderful mom who is making sure we have clean clothes, house and food. But that’s not to minimize the incredible father that seemed to emerge instantly from Brent. It’s safe to see he loves his baby girl… and demonstrates it all the time through diaper changes, rocking sessions and just being generally great. (for the record HE changed the first diaper, dressed her for the first time…etc)

So, not a very thorough one week email but its something! Pictures at the top will show you a little bit of through week…


2 responses to “A week…. really??

  1. love the update and pics! Its killing me not to see you and little Cadence!!! So glad your mom could spend the week helping out. sending love & hugs down to the eastern shore!

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