Thank Goodness For SmartPhones!

If it weren’t for the WordPress app and spelling auto-correct on my phone I would never be able to blog.

Cadence is a month old!! Ok, that was yesterday, but I’m close enough 😉

We are definitely still trying to figure life out here on the Shore. Cadence is, overall, a very alert and happy baby. Except when she’s tired… then, well. Let’s just say she needs A LOT of help falling asleep. None of that cute ‘lay down in my crib, sigh contentedly and drift off’ business. In fact with all the practice she gets holding her head stubbornly off our shoulders with eyes glued open she’s rendering any need for tummy time obsolete. But… she is only a month old! So there is lots of time to learn good sleep habits… RIGHT??

Early morning nap with Daddy

Cadence is growing so fast!! I want to take her to the grocery store and weigh her like fruit cause this girl seems heavy! She smiled at both Brent and I yesterday morning for the first time which was so cool. She has also started to show more control over her movements, working on sucking her fist and grabbing at toys put near her! It’s so fun to see her interacting with the world around her a little more 🙂

After seeming to love the mirror on the dresser at Grandma’s, we got our own!

Playing with my block!


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