WOAH… Time Flies!

Wow.  So I feel like this blog has become my Everest.  I’ve been daunted by how “far behind” I am in updating it… but each day that goes by makes that problem worse!  So we will just have to accept that I’ve missed posting about a milestone or two and move on together… sound OK?

Without further ado or apologies… here are some highlights from the month of October! (yes, I realize we are half way through Nov)

– Cadence took her first trip (since being born) to New Jersey!  I had a work event the second week in October so the three of us trucked up to NJ so that Brent had reinforcements for his all-day daddy-daughter time with Cadence.  She (and he!) did great!  After just a little bit of trial and error she took a bottle from her dad, took naps on schedule and was generally wonderful!  At least that’s what I heard from her Mimi.  She may be biased 😉  This trip also gave Cadence a great opportunity to meet more of her Franklin family for the first time.  It was really a great week!

Hanging Out with Daddy while Mom is at work:

A little play time with cousins Drew and Will:

Ahhhh…back with mommy after being apart all day!

– After a great week in NJ we had a harrowing drive to suburban DC to see the other side of the family.  Between rain, traffic, and a screaming baby it was a drive we hope NEVER to repeat.  Cadence is definitely still 50/50 about her carseat.  Yikes. However, it was worth it!  She got to have some quality time with her Grandma and her Aunt Carolyn.  They even babysat while Brent and I went to a Redskins game with some work contacts.  It was a great weekend!!

iPhone lessons with Aunt Carolyn

Mom and Care, looking perhaps a little tired but triumphant after successful babysitting =)

Ok… speaking of time flying, that’s all I have time for right now! I will have to post more later… but this is a start right??


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