Growing Up So Fast!!

Cadence had her four month well check this week and weighed in at 14 lbs 3 oz and is 25.23 inches long!

Based on the doctor’s recommendation and the fact that Cadence won’t take a bottle, we are starting rice cereal!! So daddy made a trip to the store and came back with several boxes of baby cereal (apparently he didn’t want to get sent back!) Aunt Carolyn was the family photographer so we actually have photos 🙂

Here we go….!

“mom, I’m busy… Don’t you see my toys??”

“mmmm!!” Her current approach to eating is to try to slurp in the cereal. So cute!

“ok, I got this. I can do it myself…”

So I think we can call the first cereal meal a success! However it did NOT result in that magical ‘feed her cereal and she will sleep through the night’ that everyone talks about. I’m guessing it’s because that requires the cereal to be IN her and not just ON her. We will keep trying! I have a feeling bathtime is going to become a more frequent occurrence around here 😉

Happy Friday!


This Is How We Roll!

Cadence is four months old today!! She’s had a very full day and only one highlight was rolling from her back to her tummy for the first time. Once again, Meatball gets the credit for being an inspiration in the crossing of this milestone! Here’s series of photos …






“hey mom look at me!!”


I’m a party girl!

Cadence got to go to her first age appropriate social function while we were in NJ. It was her friend Taylor’s first birthday (ok… Momma’s friend Sarah had a party for her younger daughter Taylor’s first birthday).

Cadence had a blast and momma took notes on how to throw an impressive baby birthday party… Only 8 months left to plan 😉 feel free to submit themes now!


Happy First Birthday to a wonderful little girl!! Thanks for including us Taylor 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok so a little behind but here it is nonetheless … A turkey day update!

Brent had to work on Thanksgiving so my awesome sister braved the trip from DC to the Eastern Shore and then up to NJ with Cadence and I. I’d like to say it was the first of many fun girl trips, but I think we are all hoping that drive is never repeated again! Ahhh I don’t know which of us I feel the most sorry for… Care with all the driving, Cadence with all the screaming of me. Haha…

Cadence before all the yelling…

We spent the long weekend at Brent’s parents along with Grandma Jane. There were no shortage of ppl to love and hold the baby, especially on Thanksgiving Day.


It’s hard work being the center of attention too! Passed out in Mimi’s arms


And of course the highlight of the day was a gorgeous table full of delicious food and happy family. Cadence had to watch but she didn’t seem to mind 🙂


Although it looks like she will be ready for her own plate next year!!

Hope you had a wonderful start to the holiday season…