Thanks for stopping by.  If you are here you probably already know us… if you don’t, this page might help!

BRENT – Brent will be stopping by at some point to edit this text I’m sure, but I’ll make an attempt for now.  An avid kiteboarder, snowboarder, surfer… generally a beach bum… who makes his living saving lives and fighting fires.  Rough life, someone’s gotta do it, right!?  God has revealed that He had a great plan for Brent’s life, even in the midst of a few roadblocks. Brent loves life on the Eastern Shore and was the big motivator behind our move here. With family here on the Shore, this was like moving to a favorite summer vacation destination. Brent is excited if a little freaked out at the upcoming addition to the family and will make a great dad!

CHRISTY – wife, soon-to-be-mother (wow!), marketer… lots of ways to describe me I guess!  I’ve spent 29 years growing in to the person I am and I hope, with God’s grace, that I’ll get to continue growing with life’s new experiences. I have a feeling I’ll be doing most of the blogging here, so you’ll get to know my ‘voice’.  My passions are my friends and family.  I enjoy a good book, a good chat with friends, a clean house… but definitely not the cleaning.  My husband often jokes that he assumed he was getting my mother’s daughter, but a clean-freak I am not. Welcome to a snapshot of my messy and wonderful life!

SHORE BABY – Not as much to tell here yet!  This is Shore Baby at 11 weeks. Shore Baby is our first and we are looking forward to meeting this tiny person who will make us parents and change our lives.  God promises that children are a blessing and we are looking forward to the realization of that promise and the exciting new adventures that Baby Shore will bring us.  Obviously, this little one will play a big role in our blog! I have a feeling it’s why most of you are here.


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  1. Huzzah! I found your blog. I know you told me about it before, but I saw your comment on Aunt Pam’s site and clicked my way on over. Fun fun fun 🙂

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