Mimi and PopPop Come to Visit!

Well, this post is a week late, I’m sorry!  You’d think that with nothing more to do than hang out with an adorable baby and get back into the swing of things at my work-from-home job I’d be much better about blogging, but somehow the days get away from me 😉

Last weekend we had a much anticipated visit from Cadence’s ‘Mimi’ and ‘PopPop’ and Great-Grandma Jane.  Affectionately dubbed thus by Cadence’s oldest cousin Drew, her grandparents finally got to come back to see their only grand-daugther after meeting her when she was first born.  Needless to say, she’s done a bit of growing since then!!  Poor Mimi was planning to come love on the tiny newborn girl only to walk into the house to find Cadence practicing standing on the kitchen counter with her daddy. HA! I don’t have a picture of that, but if you missed it on facebook, this why Brent is going to be the cool parent:

As you can see, she LOVES him already… because he’s fun, because he takes such good care of her, because he loves her… because he’s DADDY:

So it’s no surprise that she loves HIS daddy too… PopPop definitely has another little buddy to hang out with, even if it’s to watch golf on a Sunday afternoon…

After all, they have so much in common… including their hairline 😉

As I’ve been telling Cadence since the beginning… family is among the greatest gifts we have in life, a wonderful design by a loving God. Just like my mom often told me, I’ve been explaining to Cadence the special gift of grandmothers.  I have two of the greatest, and I’m so thankful that she is equally blessed.  It was so neat to get to see her bond with her Mimi this weekend.  I know these two will have a wonderful relationship for years and years to come…

Assuming either lets the other get a word in edgewise of course… HAHA!

And because grandmas are super-smart in the baby department, Mimi recognized a hole in Cadence’s developmental toy collection (LOL) and took her shopping to fix it.  Brent and I are THRILLED (no, seriously!!) with the addition…

Cadence LOVES her new mobile… especially the yellow and red lion.  She lays in her crib and kicks and talks to that lion while following it with her eyes and grinning.  It’s so stinkin’ cute!! We think it’s a sign of above-average intelligence.

So all in all we are so thankful that they were able to come for a visit.  We hope they can come back very soon!


Thank Goodness For SmartPhones!

If it weren’t for the WordPress app and spelling auto-correct on my phone I would never be able to blog.

Cadence is a month old!! Ok, that was yesterday, but I’m close enough 😉

We are definitely still trying to figure life out here on the Shore. Cadence is, overall, a very alert and happy baby. Except when she’s tired… then, well. Let’s just say she needs A LOT of help falling asleep. None of that cute ‘lay down in my crib, sigh contentedly and drift off’ business. In fact with all the practice she gets holding her head stubbornly off our shoulders with eyes glued open she’s rendering any need for tummy time obsolete. But… she is only a month old! So there is lots of time to learn good sleep habits… RIGHT??

Early morning nap with Daddy

Cadence is growing so fast!! I want to take her to the grocery store and weigh her like fruit cause this girl seems heavy! She smiled at both Brent and I yesterday morning for the first time which was so cool. She has also started to show more control over her movements, working on sucking her fist and grabbing at toys put near her! It’s so fun to see her interacting with the world around her a little more 🙂

After seeming to love the mirror on the dresser at Grandma’s, we got our own!

Playing with my block!

A Week of Firsts!

Well, its been an exciting third week of Cadence’s life! Highlights include:

– an awesome pediatrician well-check. Cadence weigh 8 lbs 1oz!!! The goal at this appt is to be back up at her birth weight. Since her birth weight was 6 lbs 15oz, we did GREAT! As we had no way of knowing how much she was eating, this was welcome news. She tends to eat really fast, so her momma wasn’t sure she was getting enough. Not worried now!! She is well on her way to being a little chunk 🙂 See!?


– Natural Disaster One – the great earthquake of 2011. Haha… ok so the east coast earthquake was mistaken at our house for a) a truck hitting the house b) gas main explosion. It was not the most impressive event, but still, it was my first in 30 yrs of life and Cadence has experienced one at 3 weeks!

– Ocean!! Cadence’s Great Aunt Nancy was in OC, MD for a few days so we took the Shorebaby to the beach!! Actually so we mostly hung out in the condo since Shorebaby hasn’t made friends with the sun yet. But her daddy did get to show her his first love 🙂 (she’s not sleeping in this picture, her eyes are closed in protest)


– Natural Disaster Two – Hurricane Irene! Ok so we are waiting to see how that one plays out and we are hoping that the Shorebaby’s homestead is in one undamaged piece when we get back. In the meantime, prayers are appreciated for dad, who has to work on Sunday in the midst of the hurricane, in an area that’s basically at water level.

– Road Trip… thanks to Hurricane Irene, Cadence has unhappily taken her first road trip. Her parents decided for her safety and her momma’s sanity that we would evacuate the shore. So we are spending a few days at Grandma and Grandpas. And, it’s official, Cadence HATES her carseat. I should have taken a picture of her screaming in it, but I was too busy trying to sooth her without unbuckling her. Yeah.

In general baby news, Cadence does NOT like naps. She is a great sleeper at night… sleeping from 10 or 11 till 2 and then again till 5ish. But during the day, naps seems to cramp her style.  Most attempts to put her to sleep look like this:


“Really, what are you trying to do. Put me to sleep? HA”  Further attempts will result in angry yelling.  But I haven’t taken a picture of that … yet.

Hours into the process when she final gives in to the sheer exhaustion, sleeping ONLY takes place on mom. Or occasionally dad, but usually, mom. And you’d think that if you waited a whole hour until she was REALLY asleep and then moved her, she wouldn’t notice. You would be wrong.  So, Cadence and I have been spending a lot of time like this:


Good thing she’s so cute right!!

A Baby Story… Alternatively Titled “eyeballs”

My baby has blue eyes.  I know, because they are looking at me from her swing where she is supposed to be sleeping =)  She was asleep till I put her down there, which is incidentally, the only place she will sleep as it is  –  unless you count the 15 cat naps she takes in her bassinet/crib before waking herself up by slapping herself in the face with the arms I pointless attempted to swaddle by her side after re-changing her diaper and her onesie (she doesn’t sleep well with pee up her back).

On to the original title… it’s funny how I can watch HOURS of a baby story prior to giving birth and then not want to watch a second of it once I’ve been through my own.  But for posterity’s sake, here’s a quick recap.  I can make it quick because it was!  WOW.

I don’t think I’d blogged about it, but we were scheduled for baby eviction on Thursday morning at 7:30am.  So on Wednesday we ran our last minute errands, installed the car seat base and went out to lunch.  I was tying up loose ends with work and was still emailing clients at 2:30pm.  At 3:30 we decided we should probably take a nap since we weren’t sure we’d be able to sleep Weds night.  At 3:34pm I had my first ‘real’ contraction.  And then another one 5 mins later.  And by 4:30 breathing through them was NOT pretty.  I woke up Brent who was dubious as to whether I was “really in labor”… it only took about 5 more minutes to convince him 😉  But the Dr. and everyone else had said not to go to the hospital till I had contractions every 5 mins for 2 hrs.  And I was only an hour in… (and already sure I would be getting in epidural thank-you-very-much).  So I took a shower, helped Brent give the dog a bath (my mom was coming to stay) and get the rest of my stuff together.  We left for the hospital around 5:30… and I had at least 3 contractions on the 10 min drive (I’d stopped timing them, it irritated me).

Brent dropped me off at L&D where I seriously debated even bringing up my suitcase… I did NOT want to be that girl lugging her suitcase, pillow and still pregnant self back down to her car 30 mins later.  We comprised by bringing in my things, but not Brent’s.  He parked the car and met me up at L&D.

10 mins of monitoring later and the skeptical nurse was much more sympathetic to my ‘5 centimeter, contraction every 90 seconds’ self.  I was not going anywhere!  I got a real room and a gown and it was time to talk meds… and yes, I did still want an epidural!!  The L&D staff was PRMC was AWESOME.  They were just so great… everything was really efficient and professional but also relaxed and accommodating.  They started the process for the epidural right away and got it going the second they got the OK back from the lab (blood draw… platelets… ). They let me labor standing up for the 45 mins until I got the epidural which made a huge difference.

So… brief recap… 3:30 – contractions 6:00 – admitted 7:00 – epidural.  Checked after the epidural around 7:15 and am 8 centimeters!

My OB broke my water at 7:30 and things got interesting.  I guess the pressure on the baby was a lot without the fluid around her and we had about a half hour of quick position shifts and O2 trying to get her heartrate to stabilize.  It was a little scary but again the staff seemed so confident and calm that I was never really panicked.  I just stopped talking and breathed in as much O2 as possible.  She seemed OK by 8pm but the doctor stayed pretty close and let me know that she thought it would go pretty quickly.

8:35 – “Do you want to push?”  Um … ooooook.  Kind of weird question.  Do I WANT to? Nope.  Do I know I have to at some point? Yup. So, let’s just do it.

9:02 – We have a baby!!  God was definitely in the details… Cadence was born with a short umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.  I am sure that her fast labor protected her from complications due to both issues and am so thankful for His providence.  Brent still got to cut the cord (the Dr. had actually offered to let him deliver her since he’s trained to do it, but he passed… a decision I fully supported!) and they quickly started working on her on the warmer.  She did need some help but we weren’t panicking and once they got her breathing well and cleaned up we got to meet her!!

Her dad made the final decision on the name and we spent some time just looking at her and talking to her.

So… if you are doing the math… that’s 5 and a half hours from first timed contraction to baby.  It was completely surreal.  I’d been mentally preparing all week for an all day induced-labor marathon.  I think I was still in shock at about 10:15pm when my sister called to let me know they were in the waiting room and anxious to meet her!

And now she’s two weeks old!  WOW. Time flies when you’re sleep depriv… er, having fun 😉

…… And back to the eyeballs, or at least an escaped hand thwarting my naptime efforts! Here’s a few pics, but I’ll upload some newer two-week ones from my phone in a post later today.

Getting ready to go home!

Pretending to sleep in my crib… don’t be fooled!

Still a newborn… 2 days old.

A week…. really??






How has it been a week?? Insane… I had great intentions of posting updates often and keeping a sort of record of these first few days, but the reality is that sleep and feeding Cadence are about the only two things that seem to get done each day. Thank goodness for my wonderful mom who is making sure we have clean clothes, house and food. But that’s not to minimize the incredible father that seemed to emerge instantly from Brent. It’s safe to see he loves his baby girl… and demonstrates it all the time through diaper changes, rocking sessions and just being generally great. (for the record HE changed the first diaper, dressed her for the first time…etc)

So, not a very thorough one week email but its something! Pictures at the top will show you a little bit of through week…

Cadence Joy



Born at 9:02 pm weighing 6lbs 15 oz after a very fast labor! Mom, Dad and baby are doing well (trying to all get comfortable in a hospital room right now!!) More later… thanks for all the prayers!

August Baby…

Well, at 10:45 pm on July 31st it looks like we will officially have an August baby. Not a bad month to be born in if I do say so myself.

Sorry I’ve been quiet on here lately. I think there are two main reasons… first, I have a feeling any of you who get these updates via email saw the new post message and got all excited thinking it was a birth announcement 😉 I’ve been getting that a lot lately, pretty much any time I text or call someone it seems like!

Second, its kind of hard to articulate how we are feeling right now. It seems as if the universal emotion surrounding Shorebaby’s arrival is impatience, at least from her adoring fans 😉 But I think for both Brent and I there is an excited impatience mixed with some trepidation and uncertainty.  So, at least for me, this feels a bit like the calm before the storm. Don’t get me wrong, I love thunderstorms! What good Midwestern doesn’t?? And I’m sure it helps that pregnancy is still a great experience for me… not perhaps so much that I’d prefer this as a new ‘normal’. But spending 41 weeks pregnant instead of 40 is ok with me. We are content to wait until she’s ready or until our Dr. recommends eviction….er, induction. But trying to put that into words in a way that doesn’t make us sound like ungrateful or unfeeling first-time parents is hard, so I guess I’ve been putting it off.  Kept thinking she’d just be a day or so late and the next blog would be a birth announcement!! 🙂

So there ya go, a little bit of late pregnancy honest rambling. Tomorrow’s doctors appt will give us a better understanding of what this first week of August will hold.

And just for sticking with me this long, here’s a 40 week picture… taking exactly at 40 weeks before a dinner out to celebrate making it to such a major milestone!!


As always, we are asking God for a healthy baby and mom …. it seems likely that delivery will take place sometime this week and we covet your prayers. Looking forward to sharing the story with you soon!